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The letter translated below was discovered in the Archive of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (MSZMP), which is part of the Somogy County branch of the National Archives of Hungary. The document pertains to MSZMP’s Somogy County Committee’s official position on the forthcoming State Foundation Day (held on August 20th) in 1989, which was a year of political upheaval in Hungary. The wording contains “double speak” typical of the Party’s elite at the time of the System Changeover, which they presented as an unavoidable national and historic challenge that they themselves were the initiators and active participants thereof.


Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party                                                             ADDENDUM TO THE MINUTES


Somogy County Committee                                                                        prt: 70 copies




The Position of the Somogy County Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party on August 20th

Another national holiday is at hand, bearing the possibility that the different groups and political forces making up our society can come together to bring about national unity in the life of the country.

On August 20th, we commemorate the founding of our state, St. Stephen, new bread and our constitution. The life's work of the founder of our state shows us the way, for he realized that the Hungarian people can survive only if they adapt to existing European conditions and shape the Hungarian state in such a way that it becomes both Hungarian and European.

The example that the founder of our state provides is of particular relevance today. The world has changed, but the challenges we face are similar. We must catch up to Europe by learning and adopting all that the developed world offers us.

Having recognized the challenges we face, consistent execution is the guarantee that our country will emerge from the economic, social and political crisis. Only with the willingness of millions to act can we achieve it. In the course of executing our tasks, the clear thinking and good intentions of the laborer, the educator, the engineer, the doctor, the people who take part in politics and those who avoid it must unite with the aspirations of the state, the churches and the political parties and their organizations. The proud ethnic minorities living in our country and in Somogy County who cultivate their mother tongue and culture are also part of our mutual endeavor.

Another evident political message of the holiday is the idea of ​​the rule of law. In this spirit, we are getting ready for the elections and working to reshape the political institutional system.

As we break new bread and revive the centuries-old traditions of our ancestors, the main thing is that every resident of our country have bread on his table.

By reviving the traditions of the local communities, the Somogy County Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party reaches out to the people of the county, the Popular Front committees and the churches and proposes that new and spiritually rich celebrations be held. Acting in the good faith drawn from the thousand-year-old message of our state founder, Somogy party members send their best wishes to the people and for the well-being of Hungarian society.

Somogy County Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party


Put together by Péter Bertalan