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Hungarian studies in the 21st century

22. - 27. August 2016

The International Association of Hungarian Studies (IAHS) came about as a result of the recognition that Hungarian Philology, or more broadly, Hungarian Studies, had become an international academic discipline, similar to other disciplines that focused on the study of a given language and literature, along with the study of national civilizations.

A prominent form of activity for the IAHS is the Congress of Hungarian Studies, organized every five years and providing a forum for scholars engaged in Hungarian Studies from different countries and continents.

The next congress will take place at the University of Pécs from August 22nd to the 27th, 2016.

As representatives of the VERITAS Research Institute for History, Gábor Ujváry, László Orosz and Kálmán Árpád Kovács will be making presentations at the congress.

Gábor Ujváry:   Róbert Gragger and Hungarian Cultural Policy

                         The 100-Year-Old Hungarian Institute at the University of Berlin during the Interwar Period

László Orosz:   A Hungarian Statistician in the Shadow of the German Volksboden – Alajos Kovács on the German  Population’s Transdunabian Migration

Kálmán Árpád Kovács:  The Hungarian Reformed Church’s Stance on Race Theory and Nazi Ideology between 1930 and 1933


Location: University of Pécs, Faculty of Humanities, Ifjúság St. 6



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