VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives


01 October 2016

The Professional Association of History Instructors is organizing an inaugural conference titled The Gulag in Focus.

In the first section of the conference, in addition to sharing the association’s short- and long-term plans, the participants will be able to listen to interesting presentations on recently published experimental history textbooks, the newest methods in instructing students, the latest trends in teaching and the new challenges facing teachers in the classroom. In the conference’s second half – which is dedicated to the GULAG Memorial Year – the Soviet labor camps will be looked at from the perspective of the Hungarian civilian population of the period.

Director Sándor Szakály will be representing the VERITAS Research Institute for History at the conference.

Location: Eötvös József Collegium, Budapest, Ménesi Road 11-13

Date: 10 AM on (Saturday) October 1st, 2016


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