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VERITAS Debate Nights

04 October 2016

On Tuesday, October 4th, 2016, at 6 PM, the nineteenth debate in the VERITAS Debate Nights series will take place at the Budapest Business School. The title of the debate is Albert Apponyi – The Politician and Man. PhD candidate Tamás Tarján and the VERITAS Institute’s own research fellow László Anka will familiarize the audience with the topic, while board member of the VERITAS Board of Advisors András Gergely will lead the discussion.

Whenever the name of Count Albert Apponyi de Nagyappony (1846-1933) is mentioned, the first things that come to mind are his “Lex Apponyi” and his post-WWI “apologia” made at the Paris Peace Conference. To this day, historians remain at odds concerning either topic, but what cannot be argued is that Apponyi, who lived eighty-six years, sixty-one of which in the political realm, lived a very colorful public life, so much so that it deserves to be looked at and discussed.  

The presenters will take a look at his political career during the Dualist Era, his beliefs and divisive political demeanor, which, as a result of the Trianon Peace Treaty, took a sharp turn in public perception: the count whom many had treated with cool reserve would come to embody the Hungarians’ collective aspiration for territorial revision.    

As an old man, Apponyi wrote his memoirs, looking back on his own life subjectively and selectively. But what was he really like? Tarján and Anka seek the answer to this question.


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