VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

28 October 2016

A conference titled Ungvidék Residents in the Gulag will be organized in Nagykapos (Veľké Kapušany, SK). Among the invited speakers are György Dupka (Berehove, UA), László Köteles (Moldava nad Bodou, SK) Edit Vályi and Denisza Lakatos (both from Veľké Kapušany, SK) and Sándor Szakály. The Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History will give a presentation titled POW Captivity, Malenkaya Rabota, GULAG, which will be followed by another address at the kopjafa (wooden grave marker) that has been erected to honor the memory of the deportees.    

Location: Hungarian Community Center, Csepely St. 64, Nagykapos (Veľké Kapušany, SK)

Date: 1 PM on (Friday) October 28th, 2016