VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

25 November 2016

For the sixth time the Reevaluated Twenty-Five Years: An Academic Conference on the Horthy Era symposium will be organized in the SZAB (Szeged Academic Committee) House.

The VERITAS Research Institute for History will be represented by the following historians at the conference:

Gábor UjváryScience and Policy at a Crossroads: How Bálint Hóman is Viewed

András JoóWith the “Knowledge and Assistance” of the Hungarian Publicist: A Portrait Sketch of Antal Ullein-Reviczky – 1942-1944

László Orosz – “…the Children of the German Empire are to be Familiarized with Hungary’s Invaluable Old Culture…” The German Empire’s School in Budapest, 1908–1944    

Location: SZAB (Szeged Academic Committee) House, Somogyi út (Road) 7, Szeged

Date: 10:30 AM on (Friday) November 25th, 2016