VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

As part of the GULAG Memorial Year

20 January 2017

On the occasion of the memorial year commemorating Hungarian political prisoners and forced laborers deported to the Soviet Union, a traveling exhibition titled Hungarians in the Camps of the Soviet Union – 1944-1956 has opened. The next stop will be in Eszék (Osijek, HR).

Guests will be welcomed by: János Andócsi (Director of the Hungarian Education and Culture Center of Croatia)

The exhibition will be opened by: Judit Szabó-Pirityi (Head of Department, Prime Minister’s Office, State Secretariat for National Policy)

The exhibition will be introduced by: Endre Marinovich (Deputy Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History)

Location: Hungarian Education and Culture Center of Croatia, Drinska Street (ulica Drinska) 12a, Eszék (Osijek)

Date: 12 PM on (Friday) January 20th, 2017


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