VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

GULAG Memorial Year

15 February 2017

On the occasion of the GULAG Memorial Year, the Organization of Hungarian Political Prisoners and Forced Laborers (OHPPFL) has republished Gusztáv Menczer’s book A Gulág rabtelepei (The Gulag Prisons). As stated on the invitation to the book premiere: “This book is not an easy read. When the author sat down to write it, his intention was to provide future generations with such information and authentic documentation as to outline the true picture about the bloody events of the 20th century.”

Former Prime Minister of Hungary Péter Boross, Vice Chairman of the Committee of National Remembrance Áron Máthé, Deputy Director of the Research Institute and Archives for the History of the Hungarian Regime Change Sándor M. Kiss, Chairwoman of OHPPFL Erzsébet Menczer and Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History Sándor Szakály will participate in the book premiere.

Location: Fő tér (Square) 2, Budapest – III District

Date: 11 AM on (Wednesday) February 15th, 2017