VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives


27 April 2017

The Budapest City Preservation Society is organizing a memorial conference in Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca, RO) titled A Rich Life in the Service of his Homeland and his Alma Mater in Kolozsvár to honor the memory of Sándor Hegedüs. Archivist Ákos Kárbin of the VERITAS Research Institute for History will participate in the event, where he will give a lecture titled Sándor Hegedüs as the Minister of Commerce of the Kálmán Széll Government and as the Developer of Transylvania.

Location: Református Kollégium Ceremonial Hall, Farkas utca (str. Mihail Kogălniceanu) 16, Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca), Romania

Date: 10 AM on (Thursday) April 27th, 2017


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