VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

02. - 03. June 2017

On the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the signing of the Trianon Peace Treaty (now commemorated as National Unity Day), the Csemadok National Council, the Csemadok (Social and Cultural Association of the Hungarians of Czechoslovakia) Szenc Region Caucus, the Csemadok Éberhard Organization and the local government of Éberhard are jointly organizing a 2-day commemoration. In Éberhard, on the former estate of Count Albert Apponyi, László Anka of the VERITAS Research Institute for History will give a commemorative address. Dr. Anka is an expert on the life of Apponyi. In addition to his speech, there will be a church service, a memorial council meeting and a cultural show. On Friday, June 2nd, Tihamér Lacza will be introducing graphic artist Ervin Kányó’s exhibition in Ernő Rákosi Hall at the Pozsony (Bratislava, SK) facility of Csemadok.  

Location: Éberhard (Malinovo, SK), Apponyi Chapel

Date: 11 AM on (Saturday) June 3rd, 2017