VERITAS Research Institute and Archives

Book premiere

30 June 2017

Eszter Zsófia Tóth’s newest book Csömör Heroes: The Story of János Winkler and Zoltán Dömötör, co-published by the VERITAS Research Institute for History and Magyar Napló Publishing, will be premiered in Csömör. Mayor of Csömör István Fábri and Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History Sándor Szakály will give opening remarks. Historian and Director of the Disaster Management Central Museum Imre Berki and professor emerita of Edutus College Judit Szennyessy will review the book.

Location: Csömör Mayor’s Office, Szabadság út (Road) 5, Csömör

Date: 3 PM on (Friday) June 30th, 2017

Pictures of the event