VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

19 July 2017

The 28th Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp is being held in Tusnádfürdő (Tuşnad, RO) from July 18th – 23rd, 2017. Sándor Szakály will be representing the VERITAS Institute at the event, where he will participate in a roundtable discussion with Katalin Szili, former Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly; Jenő Szász, Director of the Research Institute for National Strategy; and Attila Z. Papp, Director of the Institute for Minority Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The title of the discussion: December 5th, 2004: Shame in Passing*

Location: Tusnádfürdő (Tuşnad, RO), Orbán Balázs Tent

Date: 3:00 PM on (Wednesday) July 19th, 2017

* In December 2004, a referendum was held in Hungary. The question on the ballot was the following: “Do you want the Parliament to pass a law that enables ethnic Hungarians with non-Hungarian citizenship and residence, who affirm their Hungarian nationality, either with a Hungarian identity card described in Par. 19 of Act LXII/2001, or in a way specified in the forthcoming law, to apply for and be granted Hungarian citizenship?”

Making the unfounded and inflammatory claim that the country would be overrun by 20 million Romanians if the referendum passed, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and his Socialist / Free Democrat coalition urged their supporters to vote nay or to abstain from voting.

Even though the number of yea votes surpassed the nays in the end, the referendum failed because of low voter turnout (37.5%). Polling leading up to the vote had indicated that the turnout would be 45-50%.


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