VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Researchers' Night in Hungary

29 September 2017

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) Center for Social Sciences Institute for Minority Studies is organizing a book premiere and roundtable discussion titled Who are the Hungarian minorities? Minority Identity in Literature and Academic Research. The new books are:

Gábor Vida: Egy dadogás története (The Story of a Stutter), Magvető Publishers, 2017. Sociologist Attila Z. Papp and writer, critic, journalist, editor and sociologist György Szerbhorváth will share their thoughts. 

Andrea Tompa: Omerta, Hallgatások könyve (Omerta, the Book of Silence), Jelenkor Publishers, 2017. Anthropologist Margit Feischmidt and historian Nándor Bárdi will read excerpts and discuss. 

Ki vagy te, vajdasági magyar? Írások az identitásról és annak hiányáról (Who are you, Vojvodinian Hungarian? Writings on Identity and Lack Thereof). Edited by Márk Losoncz, Forum Publishers, 2017. Literary historian Ferenc Mák and VERITAS Institute historian Zoltán Dévavári will provide analysis.  


Seating is limited; place register at the following email address:

Location: Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Center for Social Sciences, Tóth Kálmán utca (Street) 4, Budapest

Date: 6 PM on (Friday) September 29th, 2017