VERITAS Research Institute and Archives

Film premiere

23 October 2017

Via the Vilmos Zsigmond Grant provided by the Memorial Committee for 1956 and the Public Foundation for Central and Eastern European History and Social Research, a documentary has been made titled 1956 in the Villages of the Tapió Region. Katalin Liebmann has edited and directed the film, while László Anka, Deputy Mayor of Tápiószecső and Research Fellow at the VERITAS Research Institute for History, has provided expert commentary and analysis during the filming process.

The 100-minute film takes a look at the events of 1956 as they unfolded in the townships found along the banks of the Tápió River, specifically Farmos, Szentmártonkáta, Tápiógyörgye, Tápiószecső and Tápiószele. The documentary familiarizes viewers with the post-Revolution reprisals in the villages of the Nagykáta District of Pest County. Contrary to what many people believe, the events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution did not transpire in Budapest and the larger cities solely. Even the smallest settlements have their own ’56 histories.

As part of the commemorative ceremonies on the anniversary of the Revolution, a 35-minute excerpt of the film will be shown.   

Location: Kós Károly Cultural Center and Library, Kátai út (Road) 93, Tápiószecső

Date: 10 AM on (Monday) October 23rd, 2017