VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Book premiere

26 October 2017

Press-Pannonica-Media and AmfipressZ Pubishing are hosting a book premiere for the second volume of Protestáns hősök (Protestant Heroes). Several VERITAS research fellows have contributed works to the book, including László Anka, Gábor Hollósi, András Joó, Kálmán Árpád Kovács, Dávid Ligeti and Sándor Szakály. The book will be introduced and critiqued by college associate professor Ferenc Vitéz.

According to editor Sándor Faggyas, the book “ neither a lexicon nor a collection of dry resumes. Instead it tries to present the individuals through their endeavors, giving the reader a look inside their decision-making processes and showing the impact they had on the generations that followed. The main objective of this collection is to give the youth of today real role models to follow.”  

Location: Reading room of the Ráday Archives of the Dunamelléki Diocese of the Reformed Church, Ráday u. (Street) 28, Budapest

Date: 5 PM on (Thursday) October 26th, 2017