VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Commemoration in Csömör

11 November 2017

To commemorate the centenary of the October Revolution in Russia, the Gloria Victis Foundation is organizing a conference titled The Centenary of the Bolshevik Coup: 100 Million Victims. Guests will be welcomed by István Fábri, Mayor of Csömör, and Sándor Mátyás, President of Gloria Victis. Bence Tuzson, Minister of State for Government Communication, will give an introductory speech. 

At the event, the VERITAS Institute will be represented by Máté Gali (The Impact of the Bolshevik Takeover), Tibor Zinner (Communist Usurpation of Law) and Endre Marinovich, who will give closing remarks.

Location: Mayor’s Office, Szabadság út (Road) 5, Csömör

Date: 9:30 on (Saturday) November 11th, 2017


Pictures of the event