VERITAS Research Institute and Archives


04 December 2017

Since summer 2017, the VERITAS Research Institute for History has partnered with numerous other university archives and several higher education institutions in a multiyear project that aims to look at the impact that the Treaty of Trianon and the numerus clausus laws of the 1920’s had on Hungarian higher education. The kickoff conference, Trianon* and Hungarian Higher Education, has been scheduled for December 4th, 2017, at the Eötvös József Collegium. The presenters will provide a summary of the research under way and an outline of the work that will take place in the future. In addition to the research fellows of the VERITAS Institute, several university archivists and professors have been invited to speak.     

Location: Eötvös József Collegium, Ménesi út (Road) 11–13, Budapest

Date: 9:30 AM on (Monday) December 4th, 2017


* The peace treaty that ended WWI and resulted in Hungary losing two-thirds of her territory and three-fifths of her population.


Pictures of the event