VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives


06 December 2017

The Hungarian Historical Society (HHS) and the Section of Philosophy and Historical Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are jointly organizing a conference titled The Role of the Hungarian Historical Society in Setting Science Policy: Seven Directors. Section President Attila Zsoldos is scheduled to make opening remarks, to be followed by the current director of the HHS and Subject Team Leader at the VERITAS Research Institute for History Róbert Hermann officially opening the event.

Each presenter will profile one of the seven earlier directors of HHS:

  1. Ákos Egyed on Imré Mikó
  2. Imre Ress on Lajos Thallóczy
  3. Gábor Ujváry on Kuno Klebelsberg
  4. Ignác Romsics on Domokos Kosáry
  5. László Dávid Törő on FerencEckhar
  6. Katalin Baráth on Erzsébet Andics
  7. György Rácz on Győző Ember

Location: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Széchenyi István tér (Square) 9, Budapest

Date: 10 AM on (Wednesday) December 6th, 2017

Pictures of the event