VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Book premiere

13 February 2018

The Local Government of District I (Castle District) and Litea Book Store have just released The Siege of the Castle District: 1944–1945. The book contains pieces from Géza Buzinkay, Zita Deáky, László Kalakán, Julianna Kulich, Tibor Martí, Balázs Mihályi, György Punka, Mihály Rohánszky, Balázs Szabó, Gábor Tóth and Péter Tulok.

At the book primiere Antal Varga, Deputy Mayor of the Castle District, and Miklós Beer, Bishop of Vác, give opening speeches, followed by a discussion and critique by Lt. Col. István Ravasz, historian at the Institute and Museum of Military History, and Sándor Szakály, Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History.

Location: District I Mayor’s Office, Kapisztrán tér (Square) 1, Budapest

Date: 5:30 PM on (Tuesday) February 13th, 2018