VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

23 March 2018

The Research Center for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences organizes the book premieres for Lymbus: The 2017 Yearbook of Publications of Hungarianness Studies, of which Gábor Ujváry is editor-in-chief, and the third volume of the Lymbus Series János Rottal’s Correspondences with István and Ferenc Csáky, the source material of which was gathered and selected by János M. Barta

Several historians from the VERITAS Institute contributed to the yearbook, including Ádám  Schwarczwölder (Albin Csáky’s Vienna-based Written Legacy), András Joó (An Emigrant Diplomat’s Observations on Behalf of the Foreign Office: Pál Hevesy’s Explications in September 1943 and His Letter Written to Sir Alexander Cadogan) and Máté Gali (Humans in Inhumanity: Mihály András Rónai and Baron Gábor Szalay).

The yearbook and the volume are introduced to the public by Lymbus managing editor András Péter Szabó and historian Teréz Oborni, respectively.

Location: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Center for the Humanities – Institute of History, Tóth Kálmán utca (Street) 4, Budapest

Date: 11 AM on (Friday) March 23rd, 2018