VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Cultural anthropology festival

11 May 2018

Eszter Zsófia Tóth has been invited to present at the Szimbiózis Napok (Symbiosis Days) cultural anthropology festival. The title of her presentation is Remembering Csilla Molnár, the Tragic Hungarian Beauty Queen, which takes place during the “What role does identity play in collective memory?” section of the festival.

Via the Symbiosis website: “Visitors of the cultural anthropology festival come face to face with the tangible and spiritual aspects of cultures of both distant peoples and local communities: their lifestyles, insights, art, stories and games. A variety of presentations, discussions, workshops, exhibitions and film / music programs await them!”

Location: Három Holló Cultural Center, Piarista köz (Plaza) 1, Budapest

Date: 2 PM on (Friday) May 11th, 2018