VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

25 June 2018

The Institute for the Protection of Minority Rights (IPMR) and the VERITAS Institute jointly organize a conference titled Slovak Law of Restitution: Rights of Native Minorities and the European Union Rule of Law. Endre Marinovich, VERITAS Deputy Director, opens the conference. György Csóti, IPMR Director, and Eszter Antal, IPMR Legal Counselor, give opening remarks. The VERITAS Institute is represented by Gábor Hollósi, whose presentation is titled The Historical Background of the Disenfranchisement of the Hungarians of Czechoslovakia

If you would like to attend, please register at the following e-mail address:

Location: VERITAS Research Institute for History, Zsil utca (Street) 2-4, Budapest

Date: 9 AM on (Tuesday) June 25th, 2018

Pictures of the event