VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

22 July 2018

The Transylvanian Hungarian Youth (THY) Camp is scheduled to be held at the campsite located at the 4 km marker on the road leading from Gyergyószentmiklós (Gheorgheni, RO) to the Békás-szoros (Bicaz Gorge) between July 18th and 22nd. Magna Carpatica Association Director János Mezei, Gyergyószentmiklós Mayor Zoltán Nagy, Transylvanian Hungarian Youth Director and main organizer of the THY Camp Attila Örs Sorbán and Transylvanian Hungarian Youth Deputy Director and THY Camp Program Officer Péter Szűcs all participate in the official opening of the event. 

Sándor Szakály has been invited to the THY Camp to speak. His presentation is titled Regent of Hungary Miklós Horthy was born 150 years ago.

Date: 12 PM on (Sunday) July 22nd, 2018