VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

25 August 2018

The Csemadok (Social and Cultural Association of the Hungarians of Czechoslovakia) National Council, the Committee for the Galánta (Galanta) Territory of Csemadok, the Deáki Local Chapter of Csemadok, the Deáki Catholic parish, the Deáki Protestant parish and the Deáki local government jointly organize a celebration of St. Stephen. The event begins with a wreath laying at the statue of St. Stephen, followed by an academic conference. Mayor of Deáki Krisztina Jakócs opens the conference. Among the invited speakers is Sándor Szakály, whose presentation is titled The Relevancy of King St. Stephen’s Laws Today.    

Location: Rakottya u. (Street) 475, Deáki (Diakovce, SK)

Date: 1 PM on (Saturday) August 25th, 2018