VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

01 September 2018

On November 2nd, 1938, Ministers of Foreign Affairs Galeazzo Ciano and Joachim von Ribbentrop (pictured) handed back a part of southern Slovakia to Hungary via the First Vienna Award. Thus Hungary, which had been truncated by the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, saw her first revisionary success. To remember the First Vienna Award, a conference titled The border was moved eighty years ago is held in Párkány (Štúrovo, SK). Among the invited speakers is Sándor Szakály, whose presentation is titled Miklós Horthy the Regent.

Location: Párkány Cultural Center, Hasičská Street 491/25, Párkány (Štúrovo, SK)

Date: 9 AM on (Saturday) September 1st, 2018