VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

29 August 2018

Dióspatony (Orechová Potôň, SK) holds an all-day series of programs under the banner of United for Hungarians and Rock Music. The colorful event includes concerts, presentations (including Sándor Szakály’s From the Treaty of Trianon to the First Vienna Award and Vitéz Miklós Vesztergám’s The Holy Crown), handicraft workshops and martial arts / archery exhibitions.

The day culminates with a performance of Stephen the King, considered by many as the greatest rock opera in Hungarian history. When Stephen the King premiered in 1983, it quickly came to symbolize resistance against Communist oppression. Furthermore, the piece played a unifying role for the Hungarian communities in the bordering countries.

Location: Dióspatony (Orechová Potôň, SK)

Date: 12:30 PM on (Wednesday) Augustus 29th, 2018