VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Book premiere in Esztergom

23 September 2018

The Laskai Osvát Antikvárium Bookshop and Árgyélus Publishing jointly organize the premiere of the cultural / historical guidebook Hungary in Vienna in Esztergom. The new book, published by Árgyélus, is the result of the mutual effort of Gábor Ujváry, Beatrix Vertel, Csilla Páll and Apor Püspöki. The event includes exciting photos of locales in and around Vienna.

Zsuzsanna Szepesi, former Chief Librarian at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Center for the Humanities – Institute for Musicology and proofreader of the guidebook, provides an introduction, which is followed by Gabor Ujváry and graphic artist Beatrix Vertel, author and editor of Hungary in Vienna, respectively, premiering the guidebook together.

Location: Szent Adalbert Center, Szent István tér (Square) 10, Esztergom

Date: 4 PM on (Sunday) September 23nd, 2018

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