VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Memorial conference and book premiere at the Hungarian Parliament

10 October 2018

The Hungarian National Assembly Directorate for Public Collections and Public Education organizes a conference to honor the memory of János Jeszenák* and a book premiere for the third volume of the Martyrs of the First Diet of Hungary book series, which is devoted to Imre Szacsvay**.   

Director István Bellavics gives welcoming remarks. Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly István Hiller officially opens the event. Historian Gábor Erdődy introduces and critiques the volume, which is titled Martyrs of the First Diet of Hungary: Imre Szacsvay. Among the invited speakers for the Jeszenák memorial conference is Róbert Hermann, whose presentation is titled Evolution of the Institute of the Government Commissioner during the 1848 Hungarian Revolution, with Special Emphasis on János Jeszenák’s Actions in 1849.     

The event is free to the public, but registration is required due to limited space. You may register here.

Location: Hungarian Parliament Building, Delegációs terem (Delegation Hall), Kossuth tér (Square) 1–3, Budapest

Date: 10 AM on (Wednesday) October 10th, 2018

* Baron János Jeszenák, as Government Commissioner, successfully defended Upper Hungary in 1848. He was executed one year later by the Austrians.

** Imre Szacsvay was one of three signatories of the Hungarian Declaration of Independence of 1849 (which also called for the dethronement of the House of Habsburg), an act for which he was later executed by the Austrians.