VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

24 October 2018

Kőrösy László High School Dormitory and Laskai Osvát Secondhand Bookshop have organized a conference to celebrate the László Kőrösy Memorial Year. Sándor Szakály, Dávid Ligeti and László Anka represent the VERITAS Institute. Their presentations are titled Outbreak of WWI: Miklós Horthy’s Participation in WWI, Charles IV’s Peace Efforts and Treaty of Trianon, respectively.

Location: Kőrösy László High School Dormitory, Szent István tér (Square) 6, Esztergom

Date: 3:30 PM on (Wednesday) October 24th, 2018

Prior to the conference, military historian Col. Lajos Négyesi leads an organized tour (titled Military Tombstones and POW Camps in Esztergom) of Strázsa Hill and the local cemeteries. The tour departs from the Laskai Ovsát Secondhand Bookshop at 1 PM.

Location: Laskai Osvát Secondhand Bookshop, IV. Béla király u. (Street) 6, Esztergom

Date: 1 PM on (Wednesday) October 24th, 2018