VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

08 November 2018

The Reconnaissance Society Association, the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training at the National University of Public Service, the Civilian National Security Department of the Institute of National Security and the Szemere Bertalan History of Hungarian Law Enforcement Academic Association jointly organize a conference titled Fifty Years after 1968: Defense Forces, Reconnaissance, Border Guards, Militia and Law Enforcement. Former Chief of Staff and current Vice Rector for Science at the National University of Public Service József Padányi is the patron of the conference, while VERITAS Director Sándor Szakály is secondary patron. VERITAS Research Fellow Dávid Kiss gives a lecture titled The Workers’ Militia and the 1968 Invasion.

Location: National University of Public Service Faculty of Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement Building and Dormitory, Diószeghy Sámuel út (Road) 38–42, Budapest

Date: 8 AM on (Thursday) November 8th, 2018