VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

05 November 2018

Máté Gali has been invited to speak in Baja. His speech is titled Military Collapse and Revolution in Hungary in 1918-1919. Dr. Gali familiarizes his audience with the precarious situation that Hungary faced in the latter half of 1918, before the November collapse. He discusses the lead-up to the Aster Revolution and provides background summaries of two prominent politicians of the era: István Tisza and Mihály Károlyi. Dr. Gali then delves into an analysis of the foreign and domestic political difficulties encountered between October 1918 and March 1919 (describing the relationship with the Entente and the country’s military situation). Finally he looks at the events of March 21st, 1919, when the Communists took power.   

Location: Ady Endre Municipal Library and Cultural Center, Munkácsy Mihály u. (Street) 9, Baja

Date: 6 PM on (Monday) November 5th, 2018