VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Terror – 1918-1919

22 November 2018

The Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security hosts an academic conference titled Revolutionaries, Counterrevolutionaries and Occupiers. The VERITAS Institute is represented by Zoltán Dévavári, whose lecture is titled Propaganda of Terror: Open Violence, Crimes against Property, Spy Trials and Stormtroopers in the Délvidék (1918–1923). Additional lecturers include Ferenc Polmann (Institute and Museum of Hungarian Military History), Pál Hatos (University of Kaposvár), Attila Simon (Fórum Institute) and Tamás Lönhárt (Babeş-Bolyai University).

Location: Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security, Eötvös u. (Street) 7, Budapest

Date: 9 AM on (Thursday) November 22nd, 2018