VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

19 November 2018

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death, the Berzsenyi Dániel Literary and Cultural Association hosts a commemorative event in honor of Kossuth Award-winning poet Gyula Takáts. Cultural Consultant for Kaposvár Zsuzsanna Katona-Jáger and VERITAS Director Sándor Szakály give welcoming remarks. Former Prime Minister of Hungary Péter Boross, literary historians Gábor Szirtes and Géza Cséby, archivist Norbert Péter Kiss and Ábel Stamler familiarize the audience with Gyula Takáts’ life and works. Journalist Sándor Lőrincz is moderator, with assistance from actor Csaba Fándly and songwriter Miklós Szilas.

Location: Gyula Takáts County and Municipal Library, Csokonai u. (Street) 4, Kaposvár

Date: 5 PM on (Monday) November 19th, 2018

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Pictures of the event