VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

29 January 2019

The VERITAS Research Institute for History introduces its recently (December 2018) published books related to the 25th anniversary of the death of Prime Minister József Antall.

Károly Kapronczay (Professor and former Director of the Semmelweis Museum of Medical History) to discuss Reflections of the System Changeover, edited by Eszter Zsófia Tóth, and Healthcare Reform under the Antall and Boross Administrations, written by Gábor Hollósi

Iván Bába (former State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to discuss Documents related to the Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of the Antall Administration (January–December 1991), written by János Sáringer

Ferenc Kulin (literary historian and former President of the Cultural, Scientific, Higher Education, Television, Radio and Media Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly) to discuss Pressed from Several Sides: Battles from the Media War (1990–1993), written by János Rácz

Zoltán Szenes (former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Hungary) to discuss Transformation of the Hungarian Military between 1987 and 1992, written by Dávid Kiss

István Forrai (economist and former Deputy State Secretary) to discuss In the Focus of the Government: Documents related to the History of the Prime Minister’s Office (1990–1993), written by Zoltán Dévavári and József Kajdi  

Location: VERITAS Research Institute for History, Zsil utca (Street) 2–4, Budapest

Date: 11 AM on (Tuesday) January 29th, 2019

Pictures of the event