VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives


25. - 26. March 2019

The Hungarian National Museum hosts an academic conference entitled Trianon. Experts who live across the border have also been invited to participate in the 2-day event. The VERITAS Institute is represented by: László Anka (To wait or to negotiate? The Dilemmas Faced by the Huszár Government at the Start of the Peace Negotiations in December 1919), Zoltán Dévavári (Building a Community as a Minority: The Place and Role of the Bácsmegyei Napló [Bács County Daily] in the Philosophical, Political and Cultural History of the Hungarians of Yugoslavia in 1918–1929), Sándor Szakály (Treaty of Trianon and the Hungarian Armed Forces) and Gábor Ujváry (Trianon and Higher Education).

Location: Hungarian National Museum, Múzeum krt. (Boulevard) 14-16, Budapest

Date: 10 AM on (Monday) March 25th, 2019; 9:30 AM on (Tuesday) March 26th, 2019


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