VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

03 April 2019

The Hungarian Embassy in Moscow and the Akvilon Scientific Publishing House jointly organize an international academic conference entitled History, Culture and Society: Transition in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the Last Twenty-Five Years of the 20th Century. Deputy Director Endre Marinovich and Senior Research Fellow Péter Bertalan represent the VERITAS Institute at the event. Their lectures are entitled Social Changes in the 1980’s from the Perspective of a Government Official (К вопросу об общественных изменениях в Венгрии в 80-е годы с точки зрения служащего Правительства) and Some Perspectives on the Political, Economic and Social Changes in Hungary in the 1990’s (О некоторых аспектах политических, экономических и социальных изменений 90-х годов в Венгрии), respectively.

Location: Hungarian Cultural Center, Поварская (Povarskaya) Street 21, Moscow

Date: 11 AM on (Wednesday) April 3rd, 2019


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