VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

10 April 2019

The local government of Sopron and the University of Sopron organize a conference to commemorate the centenary of the move of the Hungarian Royal Mining and Forestry College from Selmecbánya (now Banská Štiavnica, SK) to Sopron.

From the website of the University of Sopron: “As a result of the [Trianon] [P]eace [T]reaty after the war, Selmecbánya was not a Hungarian town anymore; it belonged to the new Czechoslovakia. Moving from the ancestral residence started in autumn 1918 following a resolution of the council of the college, and a decree of the Ministry of Finance.”

Deputy Secretary for Higher Education of the Ministry of Human Capacities Zita Horváth opens the conference. Mayor of Sopron Tamás Fodor and University of Sopron Rector András Náhlik give welcoming remarks. Our colleague László Orosz has been invited to speak; his lecture is entitled Kuno Klebelsberg and Sopron (1920–1922)

Location: Sopron City Hall, Fő tér (Square) 1, Sopron

Date: 10 AM on (Wednesday) April 10th, 2019

Pictures of the event