VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

20 May 2019

The VERITAS Institute and the Facultas Secondary Grammar School jointly organize an academic conference entitled Breach in the Wall: Return of the Southern Hungarian Highlands and Subcarpathia to Hungary in 1938–1939. VERITAS Deputy Director Endre Marinovich, Facultas Principal Tibor Tóth and Erzsébetváros (VII District) Mayor Zsolt Vattamány give opening remarks.   

The lectures:

Revision, Deliberated Diplomacy and Territorial Expansion? Dilemmas of Hungarian Foreign Policy from the Munich Agreement to the Occupation of Subcarpathia (András Joó – VERITAS)

Italy and Hungarian Revisionist Policy (Máté Gali – VERITAS)

Life on Both Sides of the New Borderline (Gyula Popély – Károli Gáspár University)

“Losonc was paradise itself…” The Impact of the First Vienna Award on My Family (Eszter Zsófia Tóth – VERITAS) 

Legislative Endeavors Related to the Reannexation of the Hungarian Highlands and Subcarpathia in 1938–1939 (Gábor Hollósi – VERITAS)

The Germans of the Hungarian Highlands at the Time of the First Vienna Award (László Orosz – VERITAS)

The Role of the Royal Hungarian Army in the Invasion and Reoccupation of the Hungarian Highlands and Subcarpathia (Péter Illésfalvi – Institute and Museum of Hungarian Military History)

Hungarian Military Administration in Subcarpathia in 1939 (Gyula Kosztyó – Clio Institute)

Location: VERITAS Research Institute and Archives, Zsil utca (Street) 2–4, Budapest

Date: 9:30 AM on (Monday) May 20th, 2019