VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

16 May 2019

Artúr Görgei, who had already earned the rank of general by the time he turned 30, is one of the most debated figures of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848–1849. He was the last legendary hero among the bravest of Hungarian fighters, a man so successful on the battlefield that Austria was forced to ask for Russian intervention against him.

What do we know about Görgei’s preparation and training or about the fighting force under his command? Róbert Hermann (VERITAS Institute and Károli Gáspár University), Tamás Csikány (National University of Public Service), Krisztián Kemény (Military History Archives) and Gyula Kedves (Museum of the Hungarian Parliament) sit down to answer these and other questions related to Görgei’s military career.

If you wish to attend, registration is required. You may register on the website of the Hungarian National Museum.

Location: Courtyard of the Hungarian National Museum, Múzeum krt. (Boulevard) 14-16, Budapest

Date: 5 PM on (Thursday) May 16th, 2019