VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

21 June 2019

The VERITAS Institute and the local government of Dunapataj jointly host a conference entitled The Commune and Dunapataj: The Latest Research on 1919, which is followed by a commemoration.* Mayor of Dunapataj Csaba Dusnoki and VERITAS Deputy Director Endre Marinovich give welcoming remarks. László AnkaMáté GaliDávid Ligeti and Gábor Ujváry of the VERITAS Institute have been invited to speak.

Other presenters include: Dávid Kovács (Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary), János Bárth (former Director of Museums in Bács-Kiskun County), Imre Romsics (Director of the Károly Viski Museum in Kalocsa), Ádám Gellért (Clio Institute) Tamás Schill (Director of the Dunapataj Local History and Ethnographical Collection) and István Pastyik (former Director of the Dunapataj Local History and Ethnographical Collection).

Gy. Csaba Kiss, honorary professor / honorary citizen of Dunapataj, introduces the new book Dunapataj 1919: Writings and Documents Related to the History of the 1919 Dunapataj Uprising.     

Location: Pataj Museum, Ordasi út (Road) 7. (Unitarian Church), Dunapataj

Date: 10 AM on (Friday) June 21st, 2019

*In June 1919, the residents of Danupataj rose up unsuccessfully against the Communist dictatorship. In the aftermath of the fighting, sixty-three freedom fighters were executed (by hanging or firing squad) by the Lenin Boys, a violent group of Communist true believers led by Tibor Szamuely.

Pictures of the event