VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

04 October 2019

The French Institute, the French Embassy and the Institute and Museum of Hungarian Military History jointly organize a mini-conference to honor the memory of Marcel Tilmont and the crew of the Halifax JP 286 FS-S.

As the pilot of a Royal Air Force (RAF) plane that was shot down near Mezőcsokonya, Hungary, on July 4th, 1944, Marcel Tilmont was the lone French soldier to die in battle in Hungary in WWII. The story of his death, however, is a true mystery, for France never fought against Hungary in the war.

Come hear the exciting story of the secret mission Tilmont was sent on!

French Ambassador to Hungary Pascale Andreani and Director of the Institute and Museum of Hungarian Military History Lieutenant colonel László Veszprémy give welcoming remarks.

Speakers include historians Gábor Nagy and Hubert Warsmann (Last Flight of Marcel Tilmont and the Halifax JP 286 FS-S) and our colleague András Joó and Ensign Károly Magó (Hungary in July 1944).

If you wish to attend, preregistration is required here.

Location: French Institute of Budapest, Fő u. (Street) 17, Budapest

Date: 4 PM on (Friday) October 4th, 2019

Source of Image: Archive Report: Allied Forces