VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

30 October 2019

The (Visegrád) V4 Architectural Foundation and the VERITAS Institute jointly host our colleague Kálmán Árpád Kovács, whose lecture is entitled Flood and River Control from the Perspective of Hungarian Economic and Social History between 1723 and 1923.

The idea of flood and river control on the Tisza was initially Kuruc (anti-Hapsburg) general Sándor Károlyi’s. In 1717, an attempt was made to set up an imperial arrangement in the Temes territories that had been last to be liberated from under Turkish rule in the Kingdom of Hungary. By the 1760’s, as a result of the baby boom brought on by lasting peace, population inflows authorized by the state and spontaneous in-migration into the Banat, residents had experienced both a land shortage and a bounty of market-ready agricultural produce. Simultaneously, the inevitability of extreme weather combined with unsold surpluses (caused by logistical difficulties) had led to uncontrollable shortages in the poorer territories of the kingdom. Presenting a number of challenges, the situation demanded a solution:

1.) The integration of the division of labor both within Europe and the empire;

2.) The consolidation of various farming practices and experiences;

3.) The harmonization of the conflicting interests of the state, landed nobility and serfs.

We appraise the accomplishments of succeeding generations with a retrospective view, while also acknowledging that in the long term every water-related solution generates new and unknown problems that must eventually be solved.

The event is free to the public, but registration is required due to limited space. You may register at the following address:

Location: Klebelsberg Castle, Templom utca (Street) 12–14, Budapest

Date: 5:30 PM on (Wednesday) October 30th, 2019