VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

25 October 2019

The Hungarian National Museum hosts a roundtable discussion entitled The Personal Lives of Batthyány, Kossuth and Széchenyi. The expert trio of historians delves into each man’s personality and his relationships with family, friends and each other. Were Batthyány, Kossuth and Széchenyi friends and/or rivals? Were they able to set personal differences aside in the interests of their common cause? What kind of men were they in actuality? How did they behave in their social lives? What kind of organizational and leadership skills did they embody? These are only a few of the questions historians László CsorbaRóbert Hermann and Krisztina M. Lovas try to answer.

If you wish to attend, you may register here.

Location: Hungarian National Museum, Múzeum körút (Boulevard) 14-16, Budapest

Date: 5 PM on (Friday) October 25th, 2019