VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

28 October 2019

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary and the Lutheran Central Collection organizes a roundtable discussion and book premiere. Courtesy of historian Gyula Kedves, attendees may familiarize themselves with the catalog of The Unsung Hero: General Görgei exhibition. The roundtable trio is composed of archivist Miklós Czenthe, our colleague Róbert Hermann and historian Klára Radnóti. Historian Botond Kertész is the moderator and host for the evening.    

The Hungarian National Museum hosted The Unsung Hero: General Görgei exhibition between January and August of this year. With more than four hundred artifacts, multimedia applications and films, it attempted to provide an accurate portrayal of Arthúr Görgei (1818–1916): his military career, the historical judgment thereof and its eventual reassessment. You may read more about the exhibition here.

Location: Evangelical Lutheran Church, Üllői út (Road) 24, Budapest

Date: 5 PM on (Monday) October 28th, 2019

2019 10 28 Evangelikus