VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

13 November 2019

On the occasion of Kuno Klebelsberg’s birthday, the (Visegrád) V4 Architectural Foundation and the VERITAS Institute jointly host our colleague Gábor Ujváry, whose lecture is entitled The Relationship between István Bethlen and Kuno Klebelsberg, Statesmen of the Horthy Era.

In the years following the dissolution of the Bethlen government in 1931, many people referred to the decade of the 1920’s as the Bethlen–Klebelsberg Era. Using this appellation today is still justified, for Prime Minister Bethlen, who considered the domain of culture to be of critical importance, entrusted the Ministry of Religion and Education to Kuno Klebelsberg. For a brief period earlier, Klebelsberg had run the Ministry of the Interior, but it was as the head of cultural policy that he enjoyed the longest and most fruitful tenure of all of Bethlen’s men. Their joint endeavors – which qualified them as statesmen – contributed greatly to the political, economic and cultural consolidation of Hungary. 

Location: Klebelsberg Castle, Templom utca (Street) 12–14, Budapest

Date: 5:30 PM on (Wednesday) November 13th, 2019