VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Book premiere

11 November 2019

Magyar Napló Publishers introduces Endre Marossy’s new book entitled Pércsi Lajos őrnagy és társai hadbírósági pere 1958 – Schmidt-kastély, Óbuda, 1956 (The Military Trial of Maj. Lajos Pércsi and his Comrade-in-Arms in 1958 – Schmidt Castle in Óbuda in 1956). Zoltán Jánosi, literary head of Magyar Napló, makes opening remarks. Our colleague János Rácz shares his thoughts on the work and also talks to author Ilona Marossy.

Location: Magyar Napló Book Store, József körút (Boulevard) 70, Budapest

Date: 6 PM on (Monday) November 11th, 2019