VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

22 November 2019

The Virtual Institute for Research on Central Europe and the Szeged Regional Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences jointly organize a conference entitled The Versailles Treaty and Central Europe. Gábor Ujváry has been invited to speak. The title of his lecture is Treaty of Trianon and Hungarian Higher Education. The event culminates with a roundtable discussion entitled From the Treaty of Versailles to the V4. The participants are: László Gulyás (Hungarian Highlands), László Marjanucz (Hungarian Southlands and the Banat), Sándor Kókai (Hungarian Southlands and the Banat), our colleague László Orosz (Saxons), Máté Sarnyai Csaba (Transylvania), Gábor Vincze (Transylvania), Lajos Rácz (Transylvania), Ferenc Szilágyi (Partium) and Imre Tóth (Burgenland).

Location: Szeged Regional Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Somogyi utca (Street) 7, Szeged

Date: 10:30 AM on (Friday) November 22nd, 2019