VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

28. - 30. November 2019

The University of Szeged organizes a 3-day conference entitled 1989 and the System Changeover: Possibilities of Social Action. The VERITAS Institute is represented by Péter Bertalan, whose lecture is entitled A “Bittersweet” Story: How the Geopolitical, Economic and Ethical Aspects of the Hungarian System Changeover Impacted the Organizational Transformation of the Sugar Industry in Light of the Catechism of Privatization, and Krisztina Bognár-Kiss and Mihály Noszkó-Horváth, who participate in a roundtable discussion in which they reveal the various characteristics (historical, type and archival value) of the restitutionary documents in the possession of the institute.

Location: Szent-Györgyi Albert Agora, Kálvária sugárút (Avenue) 23, Szeged

Date: 9 AM on (Thursday to Saturday) November 28th–30th, 2019 


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