VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

VERITAS Debate Nights

07 January 2020

At 6 PM on January 7th, we host the forty-ninth installment of the VERITAS Debate Nights series at the VERITAS home office on Zsil Street. The title of the debate is How the Entente Viewed Hungary in 1919 (from the Opening of the Peace Conference to the Departure of the Apponyi Delegation). Professor László Tamás Vizi (Kodolányi János University / Institute for Hungarian Studies) and our colleague László Anka familiarize the audience with the topic, while VERITAS Subject Team Leader Róbert Hermann leads the discussion.

Location: VERITAS Research Institute and Archives, Zsil utca (Street) 2–4, Budapest

Date: 6 PM on (Tuesday) January 7th, 2020


A few days after the event, photography and video of the event will be made available on the VERITAS website. Please be informed that photographs and videos of earlier VERITAS Debate Nights may also be accessed in archived format on our website.

The event is sponsored by NKA (National Culture Fund of Hungary)

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