VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Book premiere

11 February 2020

Our colleague Emőke Kovács’s new book Balaton Impressions: Destinies, Places and Histories premieres in Gödöllő. Literary historian István Vörös sits down with the author for a discussion.

Her book attempts to show what Lake Balaton (the “Hungarian Sea”) was like through the lives, places and stories of yesteryear. In the chapter entitled Destinies, we are introduced to famous early 20th-century authors Frigyes Karinthy, who spent countless summers on the shore of the lake, and Gyula Krúdy, who wrote about the lake on several occasions, and the mother-daughter painting duo Erzsébet Sass Brunner and Erzsébet Brunner, who traveled to India and enjoyed great respect there for their myriad depictions. In the second chapter entitled Places, we journey to the lavender garden in Tihany, to the bathing resort town of Siófok and to the chapels that dot the hilled vineyards along the northern shore. In the third chapter entitled Histories, Dr. Kovács delves into the recollections of some middle-class families and famous artists. She shows us how the fishermen went about catching garda (Pelecus cultratus) and even shares the story of a romance in Balatonföldvár.

Painter Vera Fekti’s beautiful watercolors depicting the silver and purple reflection of the sun on the azure lake are found throughout the book, a 10-year selection of her work. 

Location: Gödöllő Municipal Library and Information Center, Dózsa György út (Road) 8, Gödöllő

Date: 6 PM on (Tuesday) February 11th, 2020